About the Island of Saint Barts

From relaxation to adventure, this jewel of the Caribbean has something to satisfy every taste.

St. Barts is an island of possibilities.

This jewel in the Caribbean presents visitors with a unique combination of free-spirited island life and French savoir vivre. Full of luxury, relaxation and adventure, this 25km² island has something to satisfy every taste. Whether you choose to relax on a warm beach, embark on an adventurous hike, spoil yourself at a world-class restaurant, or indulge in an upscale shopping spree, St. Barts allows you to embrace everything life has to offer.
The Location of Saint Barts Island
General Information about Saint Barts

Things to Do

  • The island is surrounded by 16 white sand beaches, providing you with abundant opportunity to soak up the sun and cool off in the crystal-clear water.
  • Whatever your culinary tastes, there are plenty of upscale restaurants, cozy cafes and lively bars to treat your senses — from well-known chefs to branded party spots.
  • Shopping in St. Barts is an experience all its own. From chic and trendy French designers to exclusive luxury collections, you are sure to find something special for your night on the town.
  • There’s an abundance of outdoor activities — from gentle walks along the coast to rigorous offroad treks to a wide range of watersports — offering bountiful opportunities to tame your adventurous spirit.
  • There’s no better place to work on your inner zen than at any one of our large selection of spas and wellness programs.
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