Car Rentals

Whether hauling gear from one adventure to another or shopping in style, we have several brands and models to suit your needs.

Driving around St. Barts

  • Driving is on the right and the maximum speed is 50 km/h; seatbelts are required.
  • Be careful! If you are used to wide streets, driving in St. Barts can be an adventure. There are many narrow, winding roads (all 2-lanes) and blind corners without worded signage (only an exclamation point).
  • Make sure you fuel up your car before heading out for the day because there are only two gas stations on the island — one near the airport and one in Lorient — both of which are closed on Sundays.
  • Stick to an automatic car unless you are completely comfortable driving up and down steep hills in a standard car.
  • Make sure that you slow down as you manoeuvre 90-degree curves, and watch out for tailgating motorbikes and scooters.

Choose the car that meets your needs

Getting around St. Barts is easy if you have a car. All you need to rent a car is a valid driver’s license, and you can choose the one that meets your needs. Whether you want an SUV to haul around your sports equipment or a compact to take you from the beach to your evening restaurant reservation, we have a fleet of automobiles that will get the job done.

Kia Rio

From 50€ per day

Suzuki Jimny

From 45€ per day

SMART for 4

From 35€ per day

SMART for 2 Convertible

From 50€ per day

Kia Picanto

From 45€ per day

Hyundai i10

From 35€ per day

Seat Ateca

From 50€ per day

Volkswagon Polo

From 40€ per day

SMART for 2

From 30€ per day

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