Experiences in St Barts

When you come to an island as unique as St. Barts, you want to leave with lasting memories and exciting experiences to match. We can help you fulfill these expectations. From adventure to romance to whimsy, we can personalize an unforgettable experience just for you.
Treasure Hunting Experience in Saint Barts

Treasure Hunting

There is something very inviting about embarking on a treasure hunting adventure in what many people consider the Pearl of the Caribbean. Whether for the young or the young at heart, we can turn the island into a giant obstacle course as you test your powers of observation and deduction. Activities can be customized to suit treasure hunters of all ages, and can last several hours to an entire day. So study your treasure map, gather clues and solve the riddles that will lead you to your bountiful loot!

Private Dinner on Beach

Whether you are having a reunion with long-time friends, celebrating a life achievement or simply want a romantic evening with your partner, there is nothing quite like having a private dinner on the beach. One of our world-class chefs will create a delectable dinner, with the gentle waves and the setting sun in the background.

Private Dinner on the Beach in Saint Barts
Pirate Theme Afternoon for Children in Saint Barts

Pirate Theme Afternoon

Aarrr! Avast, ye matey, and listen here! If you want to give your kids a unique birthday party, we can help you organise a truly memorable pirate-themed experience. Let our band of merry pirates regale your l’il swashbucklers with lively tales of the high seas and entertain them with pirate-themed games and activities.

Tour of the Island

Let us show you St. Barts like it is meant to be seen! Our experienced team of tour guides and operators can show you everything our beautiful little island has to offer. Whether on foot, by boat, by car or by helicopter, you can experience our hip and trendy shops, visit local restaurants with world-renowned chefs, and explore some of the most breathtaking natural wonders you will ever see.
Private Saint Barts Island Tour
Plan your Experiences in Saint Barts Island

Let Us Plan Your Next Experience!

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